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Prof. Dr. İsmail KOCAÇALIŞKAN; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Cytotoxic and mutagenic potential of juglone: a comparison of free and nano-encapsulated form

Erişen S.Arasoğlu T. Kocaçalışkan İ. Derman S. Arhiv Za Higijenu Rada Toksikologiju, cilt.71, ss.69-77, 2020 

Enhancement of Antifungal Activity of Juglone (5-Hydroxy-1,4- naphthoquinone) Using a Poly(D,L‑lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) Nanoparticle System

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Prof. Dr. Muhammet Hamza MÜSLÜMANOĞLU; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Twist1 Gene Expression as a Biomarker for Predicting Primary Doxorubicin Resistance in Breast Cancer

Müslümanoğlu M. H. Balkan Journal Of Medical Genetics, cilt.22, sa.2, ss.25-30, 2019

The Usefulness of DNA Sequencing After Extraction by Whatman FTA Filter Matrix Technology and Phenotypic Tests for Differentiation of Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis

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Prof. Dr. Sezgin ÇELİK; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Micromorphological study of Centaurea L. (Asteraceae); some taxa of eight sections analysed with scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy

Baser B.Hayta S.Dogan G.ÇELİK S. Aksoy H. BIOLOGIA, cilt.74, sa.6, ss.583-597, 2019

Chemical composition of the essential oils of Centaurea tomentella Hand.-Mazz. and C. haussknechtii Boiss. (Asteraceae) collected wild in Turkey and their activity on microorganisms affecting historical art craft

Bruno M.Modica A.Catinella G.Canli C.Arasoğlu T. Çelik S. NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH, cilt.33, ss.1092-1100, 2019


Prof. Dr. Semiha ERİŞEN; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


In vitro propagation of Salvia sclarea L. by meta-Topolin, and assessment of genetic stability and secondary metabolite profiling of micropropagated plants

Erişen S. , Kurt-Gür G. , Servi H. Industrial Crops and Products, cilt.157, 2020

The Cellular Uptake, Distribution and Toxicity of Poly (lactic-co-glycolic) Acid Nanoparticles in Medicago sativa Suspension Culture

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Prof. Dr. Nehir ÖZDEMİR ÖZGENTÜRK; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Identification of immune-related genes in thymus of breast cancer mouse model exposed to different calorie restriction

ULU OMEROGLU Z.Ulu S.DOĞAN S.GÜVENÇ TUNA B.ÖZDEMİR ÖZGENTÜRK N. Turkish Journal Of Biochemistry-Türk Biyokimya Dergisi, cilt.0, 2018

Transcriptome Analysis of the Thymus in Short-Term Calorie-Restricted Mice Using RNA-seq

Ulu Z. O. Ulu S.Dogan S.Tuna B. G. Ozgenturk N. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENOMICS, cilt.2018, 2018 


Doç. Dr. Banu MANSUROĞLU; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Inhibitory effects of aptamer targeted teicoplanin encapsulated PLGA nanoparticles for Staphylococcus aureus strains

Ucak S., Sudagidan M., Borsa B. A. , Mansuroğlu B. , Ozalp V. C. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, cilt.36, 2020

Synthesis of hesperetin-loaded PLGA nanoparticles by two different experimental design methods and biological evaluation of optimized nanoparticles

Duranoglu D. , Uzunoglu D., Mansuroğlu B. , Arasoğlu T. , Derman S. NANOTECHNOLOGY, cilt.29, 2018


Doç. Dr. Nelisa LAÇİN TÜRKOĞLU; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Manipulating cell behavior on a bacterial macro-polymer poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) via tuning the S-doped graphene ratio

Akkurt Yıldırım M.Demirbilek M.Gürsu H. Şahin Y. Türkoğlu N. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES, cilt.182, ss.2076-2086, 2021

Evaluation of paraffin wax and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) blend patch for tissue engineering

Yildirim M. A. Demirbilek M.Türkoğlu N. MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY, cilt.36, sa.2, ss.105-117, 2021


Doç. Dr. Tülin ARASOĞLU; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Techno-economical two-step fermentation plant design for biobutanol production from cooked rice: food waste

B. Ozturk, T. Arasoglu, J. Gülen, S. Cheng, N. K. N. Al-Shorgani, H. Habaki, R. Egashira, M. S. Kalil, W. M. W. Yusoff and J. S. Cross, Sustainable Energy Fuels, 2021

Enhanced antibacterial and antiparasitic activity of multifunctional polymeric nanoparticles

Durak S.ARASOĞLU T. Ates S. C. DERMAN S. NANOTECHNOLOGY, cilt.31, sa.17, 2020

Doç. Dr. Zerrin ÇALIŞKAN; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Synthesis of New 4-Oxo-Tetrahydroindol Derivatives by Using Chemical and Microbial Biotransformation Methods

Caliskan Z. , Soydan E., Kurt Gür G. , Ordu E. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, cilt.40, sa.5, ss.1390-1396, 2020

Stereoselective synthesis of optically active 1-benzyl-4,5,6,7 tetrahydro-6,6-dimethyl-4-oxo-1H-indol-7-yl acetate and 1-benzyl-6,7-dihydro-7-hydroxy-6,6-dimethyl-1H-indol-4(5H)-one through lipase-catalyzed esterification and transesterification processes

Caliskan Z. , Ersez M. S. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS B-ENZYMATIC, cilt.111, ss.64-70,2015


Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Şenay VURAL KORKUT; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Bayesian Network as a Decision Tool for Predicting ALS Disease

Karaboga H. A. , GÜNEL A., VURAL KORKUT Ş. , DEMİR İ. , ÇELİK R. BRAIN SCIENCES, cilt.11, sa.2, 2021

Cloning of lipase cDNA from Olea europaea cv. Gemlik leaves and expression analysis in response to cold stress

Yurtsever M. , Vural Korkut Ş. TURKISH JOURNAL OF BOTANY, cilt.43, ss.290-297, 2019


Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Emel ORDU; diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Effect of Met/Leu substitutions on the stability of NAD+-dependent formate dehydrogenases from Gossypium hirsutum

Ordu E. , Kurt S. Applied Microbiology And Biotechnology, cilt.6, sa.1, ss.1-12, 2021

Microbiota profiling and screening of the lipase active halotolerant yeasts of the olive brine

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Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Ayşegül ERDEMİR ÜSTÜNDAĞ;  diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Comparative evaluation of hesperetin loaded nanoparticles for anticancer activity against C6 glioma cancer cells

Ersoz M., Erdemir A. , Duranoglu D. , Uzunoglu D., Arasoğlu T. , Derman S. , et al. ARTIFICIAL CELLS NANOMEDICINE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, cilt.47, ss.319-329, 2019

Fasting Activates Fatty Acid Oxidation to Enhance Intestinal Stem Cell Function during Homeostasis and Aging.

Mıhaylova M., Cheng C., Cao A., Trıpathı S., Mana M., Bauer-Rowe K., et al. Cell stem cell, cilt.22, 2018


Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Esra YÜCA YILMAZ;  diğer yayınlar için tıklayınız.


Interaction of microbial functional amyloids with solid surfaces

YÜCA YILMAZ E. , Kehribar E. S. , Seker U. O. S. COLLOIDS AND SURFACES B-BIOINTERFACES, cilt.199, 2021

In Vitro Labeling of Hydroxyapatite Minerals by an Engineered Protein

Yuca E. , Karatas A. Y. , Seker U. O. S. , Gungormus M., Dinler-Doganay G., Sarikaya M., et al. BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING, cilt.108, sa.5, ss.1021-1030, 2011